Dr. Saljae Aurora *

                                                                     Certified Specialist in Periodontics      |      Dental Implant Surgery      |      BSc, DDS, MSc, Dip. Perio., FRCD   
* Denotes Professional Corporation

Healthy Gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. Together, healthy gums and teeth can provide a lifetime of oral comfort, function, health and esthetics. 

Dr. Saljae Aurora is a Certified Dental Specialist (A Fellow in the Royal College of Dentists of Canada) in Periodontics, with advanced training in the treatment of gum disease, gum recession, jaw bone defects around teeth as well as jaw bone disease around dental implants.  Our practice provides surgical treatment related to the placement of dental implants and any necessary bone grafting.  Dr. Aurora previously practiced as a General Dentist for almost 15 years before returning to complete  3 years of additional full time training to become a specialist.  With this unique perspective, he understands how to develop treatment strategies that are practical.

While a referral from your general dentist is a great way to develop a positive working relationship between your existing dental team and our office, a referral is not necessary.  We will work with your dentist and help you keep your teeth or replace missing teeth with dental implants, dentures or bridges. Please feel free to contact our office to inquire if we offer services that may be of help to you.

Keep Your Teeth

Tooth loss is not necessary nor should it be taken lightly.  Periodontal therapies have the ability to help you retain your teeth, especially if the disease is treated early. 

In situations were disease is advanced, Periodontists can give you a variety of options to keep your teeth and avoid the problems associated with loose ill fitting dentures or damaging adjacent teeth to hold bridges.

Contact us to learn more about how specialty periodontal care can give you more choices to keep your teeth and live with comfort.


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